CALL FOR PAPERS – Special Issue about Ben Agger FAST CAPITALISM

ben-aggerTo commemorate the importance of Ben Agger, Professor of Sociology at UTA, and Founding Editor of FAST CAPITALISM, we are accepting analytical, critical, historical or theoretical articles about the life and work of Ben Agger to publish in a special issue of FAST CAPITALISM  in the coming months. Ben was an influential sociologist, dynamic teacher, and trail-blazing intellectual whose impact on the social sciences, neo-Marxism, cyberculture studies, sociology, and cultural studies is well-worth exploring in depth.  His work on public sociology, fast capitalism, social ontology, cultural studies, and higher education continues to be very important, and we hope to provide a “go-to” definitive, first source for those who remain intrigued by his work now and in the future with this special issue.

In addition to these contributions, we also are interested in receiving briefer personal reflections about Ben as a colleague, friend, mentor, teacher or writer.  Please submit your contributions to Tim Luke <> and David Arditi <> as well as any questions that you might have about participating in this project.   We will accept contributions through December 15, 2016, but we welcome early submissions.

CALL FOR PAPERS – Special Issue about Ben Agger FAST CAPITALISM

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