We are delighted to announce that FAST CAPITALISM 14.1 is now live at the journal’s website. The direct link is:

This issue is a set of papers gathered as a memorial for Ben Agger, Professor of Sociology, former dean of the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas at Arlington, and the founding editor and director of the Center for Theory.  We want to give special recognition to Alison Torres Ramos and H. Scott Clemens for their excellent editorial and production work on the issue.

Please circulate the news about this new issue, and we encourage all of you to continue recommending FAST CAPITALISM as a venue for innovative critical work in a wide range of fields. New submissions are coming to us for the next issue, 15.1, and we continue to be pleased with the quality and reach of the works we are able to publish in the journal. Finally, thanks to all of you for your continuing contributions to FAST CAPITALISM as authors and reviewers.


This issue of Fast Capitalism is in memoriam for our colleague and friend, Ben Agger, who passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, July 14, 2015 (Star-Telegram, 2015).  As Professor of Sociology and Humanities at the University of Texas-Arlington, Ben also served as the Director of the Center for Theory, and founding editor of this journal, FastCapitalism.  Both of these projects are also based in the Sociology Program in the College of Liberal Arts at Texas-Arlington, and this journal was launched there during 2005 with issue 1.1.    – Tim Luke – Introduction to 14.1

Table of Contents

Introduction to Fast Capitalism 14.1 Timothy W. Luke
Dr. Ben Agger: Colleague and Friend Robert L. Bing III
Short Tribute to Ben Agger Elisabeth Chaves
In Memory of Ben Agger Bob Kunovich
Staring Out the Window: A Brief Reflection on my Friend and Mentor, Ben Agger Joshua E. Olsberg
To Family, Friends, and Colleagues of the Late Dr. Ben Agger Jason E. Shelton
(Auto)biography and Social Theory: A Perspective on the Life and Work of Ben Agger (1953-2015) Lukas Szrot
Between the Topoi and Hope: On Ben Agger, Social Ontology, sand Disciplinary Sociology Mark P. Worrell
Would Adorno Download Music? Piracy, the Recording Industry and Reproduction Reconsidered David Arditi
Exploring the Chaos of Commodification: From the Arcades to the Cascades with Benjamin and Leopold Timothy W. Luke
Toward a Theory of Economic Development as a Mode of Flash Capitalism Robert Kirsch
Algorithmic Capitalism in the Epoch of Digital Reason Michael A. Peters
Donald Trump, Media Spectacle, and Authoritarian Populism Douglas Kellner
5 minutes to hell.  Time to tell the truth. The disintermediated doctoral student Tara Brabazon
A Jeremiad for Ben: Things Fall Apart Scott G. McNall
Ben Agger was a Blazing Intellect Stephen Turner

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